The Fishing

Fishing on Lough Conn is by any legal method and the species to be fished for include Brown Trout,  Sea Trout,  Salmon and course fish. There are a limited number of public access points around the lake for the bank angler but the best way to cover the fish is by going afloat. The game fish tend to find a spot on the lake bed where they feel secure and stay there until they decide to move on or get disturbed. Brown Trout tend to take up the same lie for year after year but Sea Trout and Salmon are making their way round the lake in search of the river of their origin. The most popular method of fishing for Brown Trout is fly fishing from a drifting boat and many an angler gets and unexpected surprise when a Salmon takes his fly.

Trolling a bait behind a slow moving boat is another popular method carried out and this will produce all of the game fished mentioned as well as Pike and Perch. The season on the lake starts on the 15th February and finishes on 30th September. Fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout does require a state licence.

Information regarding flies and baits to use through the season can be obtained by contacting the fishery manager.  All are welcome to Cloonamoyne, young and old, boys and girls and tuition can be given to anyone requiring it whether it be casting fly or bait, tying knots or boat handling.